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Gimhae International Airport (PUS)

Just 22 kilometers to the west of Busan, Gimhae International Airport opened at its current location in 1976. Since that time, the airport has been focused on expanding its travel options and services for passengers. Today, over nine million travelers pass through the airport annually for destinations in Asia and Europe. Serving over 462 flights per week on 21 different airlines, it is one of South Korea's busiest hubs.

As part of its continued expansion and redevelopment, Gimhae International opened a new international passenger terminal in 2007. The airport has also upgraded communications and passenger services and added service from Asiana Airlines and Korean Air. Additional improvements at Gimhae will include extending Busan's subway line to the airport, a project scheduled to be completed in 2010.

Passengers will find a number of delightful amenities at the airport, including Western, Chinese and Korean cuisine restaurants, an airport clinic, currency exchanges, a post office, and various retail outlets. Gimhae International Airport's International Terminal even has a movie theater catering to passengers with extra time on their hands.

The Airport Limousine Bus runs from the airport to major hotels in Busan in about one hour. Travelers can also take the airport shuttle bus, which is linked to the subway network.


Buses in Busan cover large stretches of the area, though visitors should bear in mind that stops are announced in Korean only. Public buses are less expensive, but involve more stops and longer destination times, while express bus lines are more comfortable. Express bus lines link Busan with other major Korean cities at two main terminals, Nopodong and Seobu.

Fares for the bus can be paid in cash or with a transportation card; fares vary by bus type. Fares for the public buses are KRW 1,000 in cash or KRW 950 if paid with a transportation card. Fares for the express buses are KRW 1,500 in cash or KRW 1,400 if paid with a transportation card.

Busan Subway:

Operated by the Busan Transportation Corporation, the Busan Subway is a convenient and easy way to get around the city. The subway system consists of three lines. Lines 1 and 2 are recently constructed, while the third line is under construction and only partially completed. Once finished, the network is expected to have just over 100 stations and 112 kilometers of track.

Each subway line is open from 5 to 12:40 AM. Fares for the subway can be paid in cash or with a transportation card. Fares are charged by section; one section costs KRW 1,100. Travel through two sections is KRW 1,300. Travelers using a transportation card receive a 10 percent discount on fares.

Rental Cars:

Four rental car companies operate out of Gimhae International Airport: Kumho Rent-A-Car, Avis Rent-A-Car, Jeju and Sambo. The information desks are located outside of the baggage claim area.


Two types of taxi are available for hire in Korea: regular taxis and deluxe taxis, marked by black cars, yellow signs on top and the words "Deluxe Taxi" written on the side. Regular taxis start at KRW 2,200 for the first two kilometers and are metered at KRW 100 for every additional 144 kilometers. If the taxi is going less than 15 kilometers per hour, an additional charge of KRW 100 applies per 35 seconds. Additionally, a 20 percent surcharge applies between the hours of midnight and 4 AM.

Deluxe taxis start at KRW 4,500 for the first three kilometers and are metered at KRW 200 for every additional 164 meters. Deluxe taxis do not apply nightly surcharges. Visitors should keep in mind that deluxe taxi drivers cater frequently to tourists and are more likely to speak English than regular taxi drivers.

Taxis at Gimhae International Airport can be found outside of both the international and domestic terminals. Taxi fare to downtown costs about KRW 25,000.

aaaaaaaaaPublic buses are the most common transport option for those travelling to and from Busan Gimhae International Airport, while shuttle buses, hotel shuttles, nearby subway connections and taxis and limousines are also available to offer transport to Busan and around.

Travel by Buses: Frequent public buses run from the airport to destinations within Busan and farther afield. Bus numbers 307 and 310 are popular and run regularly between the nearest subway station, PUS terminal and the city centre. The journey time to Busan city centre from the airport is between 30 and 60 minutes. In addition, express buses also serve Ulsan, Masan, Gyeognju, Pohang, Yangsan and Jinhae.

Travel by Shuttle Buses: The Ujin Airport PUS limousine service serves Busan and Haeundae stations and the city as well as major hotels en-route.

Travel by Hotel Shuttle Buses: Many of Busan's quality hotel establishments operate courtesy shuttle services for their guests and it is worth checking ahead of time about the availability of these services before booking your hotel.

Travel by Trains: The nearest station to the airport is Deokcheon Station, which is a short PUS shuttle ride from Busan Gimhae International Airport (PUS) aboard PUS number 307. Deokcheon Station is on Line 2 of the Busan subway system and you need to change at Seomyeon Station to get to Busan Station. PUS number 307 also runs to Gupo Station, which is on the national rail network, linking Busan to other cities in the region.

Travel by Taxi Cabs: Taxi ranks are located outside the Arrivals areas of both terminals and offer the fastest access to Busan from the airport. Taxi fares are quite expensive, but a group of people can share the cost.

Travel by Limousines: Apart from the Ujin Airport PUS limousine services that runs to Haeundae and Busan stations and hotels from the airport, there are also private limousine car operations that are located next to the taxi ranks situated outside each terminal building.

Busan Gimhae International Airport (PUS)

Here you'll find essential information on Gimhae International Airport, including contact details, airport transfer facts, details of airport facilities, and how to get there.

Airport news:

Gimhae's new international terminal opened in the autumn of 2007.

Transfer between terminals:

Free airport buses shuttle passengers between the terminals.

Driving directions:

The airport is directly linked to major routes, with the Gyeongbu Expressway (Route 1) leading to the airport from the north and the Namhae Expressway (Route 6) leading in from the west. The airport is situated off the Dongseo Elevated Road and is signposted.


There is an information centre on the first floor of the International Terminal (tel: (051) 974 3772) and the first and second floors of the Domestic Terminal (tel: (051) 974 3774/5); flight and tourist information desks can be found here. There are also touch screen information services on the first floor of each terminal. General airport information is available too (tel: (051) 974 3114). The Busan Tourism Association has an information desk on the first floor of the International Terminal (tel: (051) 973 2800).

Public Transport

Public transport rail:

The Busan subway system's Line 2 (tel: 1544 5005; www.subway.busan.kr/english/main) connects the city centre with Deokchon station, from where bus 307 connects with the airport at 10 minute intervals.

Public transport road:

Bus: There are frequent public buses serving various destinations around Busan (journey time: 30-60 minutes); express buses also serve Ulsan, Masan, Gyeognju, Pohang, Yangsan and Jinhae. Ujin Airport Bus limousine buses run to the Haeundae and Busan Stations via major hotels. There are also frequent public buses from the airport. Bus 307 is a very convenient route, serving Haeundae, Dongnae subway station and market, Gupo station, and the Deokcheon Interchange. Bus 310 runs to the Western Express Bus Terminal and to Nampodong.

Taxi:Deluxe and ordinary taxis are readily available from ranks outside the terminals.

Terminal facilities


A post office on the first floor of the International Terminal offers international telephone calls and telegram services. There are banks in both terminals and bureaux de change in the International Terminal. Telephones are located throughout both terminals.


There are snack bars and cafés on every floor of the International Terminal. There are snack bars on the first and second floors of the Domestic Terminals and a restaurant, café and grill on the third floor of the Domestic Terminal; there is also a restaurant next to the Domestic Terminal, near the entrances.


Shops include book stores, pharmacies, gift shops and local produce; a department store is situated in the International Terminal. Duty-free shopping is located on the first floor of the International Terminal, after security.


Lost property is handled by the Airport Police, on the first floors of both the Domestic Terminal and International Terminal. There are baggage storage offices on the second floor of the International Terminal and first floor of the Domestic Terminal; charges vary depending on the size of your luggage.


There are travel agencies, infant rooms, a medical centre and shoeshine services at the airport.

Airport facilities

Conference and business:

A business room is located on the first floor of the International Terminal; facilities include meeting rooms, telephone, fax machines and computers. There is also an airline lounge on the first floor of the International Terminal.

Disabled facilities:

Braille maps are provided on the first floor of both terminals for visually-impaired travellers and toilets are physically accessible throughout the terminals. Lifts connect all floors of both terminals. Parking is accessible to disabled travellers, with reserved spaces in front of the terminals; there is a 50% discount for disabled drivers displaying a valid badge. Braille blocks between the terminals and car parks provide guidance for the visually impaired. Wheelchair assistance is provided to unaccompanied arriving and departing passengers; passengers requiring wheelchairs and special assistance should inform their airline prior to travel.

Car parking:

There is parking for some 4,000 vehicles at the airport, with car parks in front of each terminal. The car parks are used for long- and short-term parking; there is also a monthly parking lot. Information on parking at the airport is available during the day on (051) 974 3771 and at night on (051) 974 3781.

Car rental:

Car hire companies Avis, Jeju Car Rental, Sambo and Hertz are represented at the airport, with information and reservations available at the information desks in both terminals.

Airport hotels

There are no hotels at the airport, the majority being in Busan city centre. Some hotels have information desks in the International Terminal and can arrange a shuttle service to/from the airport.

Busan Hotel Lotte

Busan Hotel Lotte is an hour from Gimhae International Airport and provides a limousine service to/from the airport. Hotel facilities include extensive dining and banqueting options, a business centre, fitness facilities and an on-site casino.
Telephone: (051) 810 1100.
Website: http://www.busanlottehotel.co.kr

Airline carriers serving Gimhae International Airport

    Air Busan
    Air China
    Asiana Airlines
    Cebu Pacific
    China Eastern Airlines
    China Southern Airlines
    Japan Airlines

    Jeju Air
    Jin Air
    Korea Express Air
    Korean Air
    Northwest Airlines
    Philippine Airlines
    Sakhalinskie Aviatrassy

    Shandong Airlines
    Shanghai Airlines
    Thai Airways International
    TransAsia Airways
    Vietnam Airlines
    Vladivostok Air